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Galactica Graphics

No Icons Allowed

Battlestar Galactica Graphics
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NO ICONS ALLOWED!!! But all other Battlestar Galactica fan-art is welcome!
There's plenty of places to find lovely icons for Battlestar Galactica, but it's sometimes harder to find wallpapers, mood themes, vids, and banners. Screencaps are also very welcome here. bsg_graphics is a place for people to post their non-100x100 creations, and a place for others to find them! This community is for graphics of the new and old series, so I expect both sides to play nice, okay?

To make sure we all get along...

1) In order to post to this community, you must apply HERE. Don't worry, this is not an elite community; however, we want to make sure you understand the community rules before posting. Everything is explained in the linked post. Once you've applied, I'll approve you as quickly as I can. But please, be patient. :)

2) NO ICONS ALLOWED!!! There are plenty of places to post your icons, and we're trying minimize the amount of cross-posting as much as possible. Do NOT use icons as teasers in your post. You may link to posts that have icons in them, as long as they have other non-icon graphics as well, like a wallpaper, banner, mood theme, or whatever other fan art you can think of. :) Remember, screencaps are also welcome.

3) Please abide by the poster's rules. If you want one of their graphics, please do what they tell you. :) It's only common courtesy. Posters, please make sure you specify if what you're posting is for grabs or look-only.

4) If you're looking for something in particular, please check out our tag archive before you request anything. We're gonna make sure everything gets catalogued, so please, check there first before making any requests in the community (no requesting user icons, please). And also, please don't get upset if someone doesn't fill your request. We're all busy, so be patient. Someone will get to your request, eventually. :)

5) When posting, please use an LJ-cut (instructions on how are here). Not everybody has a super-fast connection, so be courteous and use one. And if you forget, or simply don't, please don't get offended when I ask you too, cause otherwise, it will be deleted, and that would make us all sad.

6) Providing a direct link to your own journal is fine. It saves on bandwidth and all that jazz. Remember two things: 1) Please link directly to the post itself, rather than just your journal. See, when you first post your graphics, people will see that entry at the top, but as time goes on, anyone going through old posts in this community won't see those graphics at the top of your LJ, cause you know, it's an old post. 2) If your journal is friends-only, DO NOT put up a link and say, "Sorry, but you need to friend me to see it." Your post WILL be deleted if you do this. (A note: even friends-only journals can have public entries, so you could make it public if you wanted.) If you want people to see your work, make sure the post in your own journal is public or post the work in here.

7) While I do not want people posting user icons (see galactica_icons or good_galacticon), I don't mind if people put a link to BSG icons they've posted. Please, NO TEASERS and give a warning as to what kind of icons people are getting themselves into (example: you've got 2 BSG icons you're linking to, but there's also 20 Stargate icons in the mix. Let us know, okay?). This only applies if your post also contains graphics. And please, don't whip up a crappy banner so you can link us to a million icons. People come to this community for wallpapers and banners and the like. I'll say it again, if you want to post icons, there are other communities for this.

8) Be courteous. If there's a spoiler in your graphic, please say so in the lj-cut, okay?

9) Advertising: whether it's a website or another community, the rule of thumb for advertising is this: if you must advertise a BSG-related community/website here, you must do so within your own post where you're offering something. In other words, the post cannot be an advertisement alone: you must tag the advert along with a wall, a header, or something else you've made. If you do this, you can advertise all you want, and even use graphics to do so!

If you community or website is NOT related to BSG, you must have my approval, and then once you have approval, you must follow the directions above.

Any advert post that does not follow these rules will be deleted.

10) Please do not re-post graphics. You can link to previous posts if you want (that's perfectly fine) within an entry with new work, but do not post an entry with nothing but old work that we've already seen in this community. If you do, the post will be deleted.

11) If you have any questions or concerns, please contact amidala_thrace directly. Do not make a post to the community to ask a question. Such posts will be deleted.

The biggest thing is to remember to have fun and enjoy all the awesome graphics. Please be courteous and feel free to comment, even if you aren't taking anything. Spread the BSG love!



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Community creator: devilwrites
Community moderator: amidala_thrace

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