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BSG Graphics Application

Hey, guys! As devilwrites mentioned, I am indeed going to be your new mod, and I'm very pleased to be here! While I don't make icons myself - not skilled enough with Photoshop yet for that, hehe - some of you may know me as the mod of bsg_stillness and the co-mod of karastillness, and I also co-edit the_wireless. I'm a busy girl. ;) I don't plan to change this community in any fundamental way, believing that it works just great as-is, but I do have a few ideas to spruce things up and keep the activity level humming. Even though the show's over, that doesn't mean the fandom will go quietly!

This here is just a re-post of something you're probably familiar with: the application post for bsg_graphics. If you're already a member, you do not need to apply again, so no worries there. This is just so that if new folks want to join up, I will get their comments emailed to me and can therefore approve them as soon as possible. :)

This is NOT an elite community. This just ensures you've read the rules of engagement found in the user info, and in this post, before you just start posting. Many people, when they want to post their stuff, don't bother reading the rules of a community and just post everywhere, and that's what I'm trying to avoid here. :)

In order to gain posting access to this community, please do the following:

1) Comment with the following phrase: I will not post icons in this community, and I don't know why I ever would. If you don't comment with this phrase, or something really super-close that tells me you KNOW you're not allowed to post icons here, it doesn't count.

2) Once you've commented, go ahead and join the community. When I see your comment, I'll approve the membership ASAP. :)

That's it. No icons, but everything else goes. AND, as long as your teaser is a thumbnail for the larger graphic, you may link to posts that have icons in them (there are some lovely wallpaper/icon sets out there), but do please warn us.

And that's it! Just comment below, and I'll approve you as soon as I can.
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